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Written by Linh M. Phan | LinkedIn

“We need to start thinking about scaling our company.”

As a recruiting leader, I get “uncomfortably excited” to hear these words. These two words were commonly used by Larry & Sergey at Google when I worked there, to indicate that any new exciting…

When it comes to finding the Best URL shortener in 2021, it can be a complex decision based on your needs. Do you go open source or proprietary? Do you need it to share links internally, or externally? What integration capabilities does it have, and how much will it take…

The enterprise software market is expected to bring in $230 million in 2021 and grow to $326 million in global revenue by 2025.

More and more work is moving online in order to reduce manual effort and increase the potential for data analysis. But as this happens, new issues arise…

Enterprises have specific challenges compared to SMBs or startups. They have thousands of employees, multiple offices, teams spread across various time zones, and a vast amount of information, processes, and procedures stored in all conceivable tools.

The losses from poor knowledge sharing alone can number in the millions for a…

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many companies have shifted their attention to how to celebrate the holidays with their distributed team, and some debating if they should even do it at all.

Without the ability to gather around the punchbowl or physically exchange white elephant gifts, how does an…

Working in the enterprise software industry, we know that half the battle is getting people to use software, not just sign up for it. With the average time to recover customer acquisition costs at 5 months, retention matters.

But it turns out that software customers have just as much to…

These are important updates for Slack users that have installed the GoLinks Slack app before October 16, 2020.

Why am I being asked to update my GoLinks Slack integration?

Earlier this year, Slack made granular permissions available for Slack apps. Starting February 21, 2020, all newly submitted apps are required to use granular permissions.

Existing Slack apps must update to granular permissions by November 18th, 2021.

Read Slack’s official blog article on granular permissions.

Context switching is a massive productivity killer. More worrisome still is the fact that it’s so hard to control. While writing this article, I’m struggling not to commit this productivity crime myself.

On average, knowledge workers spend 40% of their day multitasking while emailing and Slacking. …

Go Links customer service rep helps customer

Companies that don’t offer amazing customer support lose credibility and have high rates of churn. Things are bound to go wrong. Customers discover bugs, can’t find what they’re looking for, or get confused by product updates.

Customer support representatives are often the face of your business, and sometimes, might be…

Without great systems in place for knowledge sharing, knowledge workers can’t get much done. But, when knowledge sharing processes are working well, then employees can access historical data to learn from, accurately make decisions, and get their work done.

Companies that want to scale their workforce and their revenue must…

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