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These are important updates for Slack users that have installed the GoLinks Slack app before October 16, 2020.

Why am I being asked to update my GoLinks Slack integration?

Earlier this year, Slack made granular permissions available for Slack apps. Starting February 21, 2020, all newly submitted apps are required to use granular permissions.

Existing Slack apps must update to granular permissions by November 18th, 2021.

Read Slack’s official blog article on granular permissions.

Without great systems in place for knowledge sharing, knowledge workers can’t get much done. But, when knowledge sharing processes are working well, then employees can access historical data to learn from, accurately make decisions, and get their work done.

Companies that want to scale their workforce and their revenue must…

Go Links

Easy-to-remember & secure short links, shared by your team. Known as go links, golinks, or go/links. We post about productivity👩‍💻 and enterprise software 💻.

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