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Companies that don’t offer amazing customer support lose credibility and have high rates of churn. Things are bound to go wrong. Customers discover bugs, can’t find what they’re looking for, or get confused by product updates.

Customer support representatives are often the face of your business, and sometimes, might be the only contact that a customer has with your company. As such, reps in turn need to be supported by the right tech, processes, and leaders.

The stakes are high. According to research from Microsoft, 54% of consumers around the world say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did one year ago.

In this post, we dive into how go links can help your customer support team do their job better.

What are go links?

Go links are internal short links shared by teams. Think of it this way: a bit.ly is a link that shortens a long URL so you can share it on Twitter. A go link is also a short link that can be used by anyone in your organization.

Go Links used in browser. go/jira, go/git, go/doc

As an example, go/meet could redirect to your organization’s Zoom account. Each organization can set up go links however they choose.

Here are some great features of these short go links:

  • Works for the whole company — Employees of the same company will be able to share a library of go links. Create go links once and everyone can use them forever.
  • Intuitive and natural — Because they’re internal, you don’t have to worry about link names being taken. You can use short, simple words for all of your go links.
  • Can be tracked easily — When using the GoLinks dashboard, everyone can see the company’s go links, and admins can track usage to discover top-used tools and underutilized resources.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing — Since they’re easy to remember, they’re fast to share via Slack, Jira comments, and more. Better knowledge sharing practices reduce friction.

How go links helps customer support professionals

Now that we understand how go links help everyone within an organization find what they’re looking for quickly, let’s dive deeper into how this technology applies to customer service representatives.

With go links, customer service reps can resolve issues faster because they’ll be retrieving helpful information at lightning speed. With better knowledge sharing between product and support, support reps will also stay up to date with any product changes. Imagine go/updates linking to details on what was shipped recently, so reps are ready to better help customers.

You can test this out by implementing go links organization-wide and then seeing how it affects your resolution rate and average resolve time.

Here are several examples that stretch across a customer support team’s responsibilities.

Internal training

Go Links — Customer service reps internal training

Training a customer support representative might start off as a sprint, but it’s really a marathon. There’s a lot to learn, and things are always changing, especially your product. With go links, you can make it easy for support reps to access the training they need right when they need it. No searching through Slack, emails, or wikis required. Instead, they can intuitively navigate to the information.

These go links can make information sharing and finding a lot faster:

  • go/learn → Trainual or Lessonly
  • go/share → Donut or another tool for pairing team members together to knowledge share
  • go/support → Slack channel
  • go/zaps → Zaps set up on Zapier for customer support automation
  • go/updates → Information on product releases

Resolving issues

Go Links — Happy customer service reps after resolving many tickets

Customer service representatives are likely logged into Zendesk or your organization’s support tool all day, but it does help to quickly navigate to different views. You can make go links for certain areas of your support app.

Plus, you can set up go links for plenty of other resolution-related URLs, such as where bugs are reported in Jira or Zoho BugTracker, support-related inquiries from social media, and access to customer data in order to accurately diagnose and fix problems.

Your customer support team can benefit from go links like these:

  • go/open-issues → open Zendesk or Freshdesk tickets
  • go/bugs → bug reporting on Jira
  • go/twitter → Monitor support requests from tweets
  • go/customer-data → retrieve customer data from the database to support in solving issues

Reporting on tickets

Go Links — Customer service reporting

There are likely to be several people at your organization who need to review support reports regularly. Go links can make it easier for people to share these reports when they’re requested (because the links are memorable and stay the same each month), and they can also make it so colleagues can recall the links themselves and not even need to ask.

Some things that you might review regularly could be the average first response time, the average reply time to all communication, the average resolution time, the resolution rate, and your NPS score. You can set up go links to redirect to important templated reports in your customer support software.

These are some of the relevant go links you can set up:

  • go/reports → Zendesk monthly reporting feature
  • go/stats → benchmark tracking for satisfaction level and response times
  • go/closed → closed tickets in Zendesk or Freshdesk
  • go/feedback → feedback from customers on the quality of support

Customer help desk and training materials

Go Links — Customer service reps adding to help desk training materials

There’s a good chance that experienced customer support representatives are involved in help desk and training material creation too. They might need to regularly review it to keep it in line with the current product.

Even if they don’t create and monitor customer-facing training materials, your customer support reps need to access it quickly. They can provide faster, more helpful responses if they can easily navigate to the right resources to share.

Here are some examples:

  • go/knowledge → Knowledgebase for customer self-service support on HelpJuice
  • go/training-videos → cloud folder with training videos that get used in help desk docs, responses, etc.
  • go/webinars → weekly or monthly webinars where customers can ask questions
  • go/product-updates → keep up-to-date on new product updates to better serve customers

Customer support representatives need to be fast and extremely knowledgeable in order to be great at their job and wow customers. Fortunately, go links can help them be even faster at accessing the information they need to help out.

Want to help your customer support team find what they need faster? Learn more about GoLinks or apps to use GoLinks with.

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